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Erotica | Sexual Fantasies (Model Spotlight)

Updated by WhoaGirls

While sex chatting on WhoaGirls, I do roleplay fantasies with partners.

And this gave me the idea to write a descriptive sexual story for fans!

When reading, place yourself in the situation. – Clear your mind and relax. Forget about any problems and imagine life with me. After all, erotica’s goal is to make you horny.

First, picture me wearing tight booty shorts, then put your hands on my waist. Seriously, do it since you have total permission. Alright, now slide them a little lower to the hips. Pull us close together, hold firmly, and make us feel safe. Now whisper all of the dirty things you want to do.

Don’t be afraid because I want you to admit every sexual fantasy. Next, guide me onto a sofa so we’re able to relax. I’ll rub anywhere, letting you experience a woman’s touch.

(So are you aroused yet?)

Let’s continue in a sex chat room! – On tonight’s live stream we can have some fun in private.

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