Dominance & Submission (Model Spotlight)

When men flirt with me, I almost always respond by rejecting them.

But that never actually stops many guys, which is actually what I truly want.

Dominance & Submission (Model Spotlight)

Maybe my puppy-dog eyes are too irresistible, or the denial boosts natural male urges.

Regardless, this puts women in a position of power where they can use their enticing curves. Ultimately, making most dudes throb with desire! One glance at a nude girls body and they’re drooling in lust.

Therefore, you should feel lucky if I do give any attention.

Teasing Makes Me Horny

I call this above scenario “The Tease,” which has become a signature move.

It’s a sexy, dominant fantasy that frequently plays out in both real-life and during private cam shows.

Yet, whenever I reject a man…

My entire body secretly quivers with horniness. – Similarly, lovers in the bedroom who are submissive turn me on more than anything. So do you become aroused by dominant women, or is obedience more your style?

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  1. Charlie says

    Women who take control are such a turn on.

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