3 Sexy Girls That Are Popular on YouTube

YouTubers become popular for tons of different, crazy reasons…

3 Sexy Girls That Are Popular on YouTube

Today we’re analyzing how a few sexy girls got a claim to fame.

These babes achieve success by having consistent, entertaining content. However, their incredible sex appeal also definitely boosts them to new heights – and for a good reason.

Let’s get into it with the first hot girl!

1. Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is one of the most popular and sexy cosplay girls.

Jessica Nigri

At Comic-Con in 2009, she went viral with an eye-popping, ‘Sexy Pikachu’ cosplay. – Naturally, pictures of her hot body in this cute outfit flooded the web.

Since then, Nigri has become a huge YouTube and internet celebrity, frequently doing memorable cosplays, and continues surprising folks at conventions to this day!

Her YouTube channel mostly consists of behind-the-scenes cosplay shoots, random vlogs, and ‘Mail Mondays’ where she reads fan letters. Due to consistent uploads and a vast following, Jessica Nigri lands exclusive jobs, such as voice acting and TV cameos.

Check out Jessica’s social media to see more of her hot costumes and pictures!

2. Zoie Burgher

Zoie Burgher became famous as the girl who promised nudes at 1 million subs!

Zoie Burgher

One of YouTube’s hottest female stars, she started as a Twitch.tv streamer. – But her broadcasts contained adult content, like some devious twerking occasionally!

Therefore, she was deemed too controversial for the platform, and they consequently banned her after several warnings. – Even then, this didn’t stop Zoie from showing off her rockin’ bod.

After taking her talents to YouTube, Miss Burgher continued to quickly rise in popularity. Receiving shoutouts from some of the biggest YouTubers, like Scarce, Ricegum, and Keemstar, this overwhelming amount of attention propelled her into stardom at an extremely fast rate.

Not to mention, her amazing ‘assets’ have helped grab people’s attention along the way!

3. Celestia Vega

Celestia Vega is a friend of Zoie’s that rose to stardom alongside her.

Celestia Vega

With lots of sexy content, her channel grew from 5k subscribers to 500k+ in a few months. – In fact, a lucky collab between Celestia & Zoie went viral, greatly influencing this growth.

The theme of the film was ‘Smash or Pass’, which discusses how attractive popular YouTubers are. The most notable man in her video is Felix Kjellberg, also known as Pewdiepie, a celebrity on the platform.

He ended up specifically reacting to it, which gained these hot girls tons of attention!

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