5 Amazing Adult Sex Toys (That’ll Blow Your Mind)

As sex toys become more advanced, the stigmas for owning them are disappearing. Most likely, this is caused by combinations of better marketing, innovative discreetness and easier access to items.

5 Amazing Adult Sex Toys (That'll Blow Your Mind)

Let’s thoroughly discuss ‘5 Amazing Adult Toys That’ll Blow Your Mind!’ – Furthermore, each affordable product we’ve listed has the goal of improving pleasure in your life.

Whether you’re a straight man looking for a masturbator, or couples seeking some erotic action, there’s at least one option here you’ll probably love!

1. Fleshlight

Fleshlight is one of the best sex toys for men that’s taken the adult industry by storm.


This product was one of the first male masturbators. – Coming up with the concept for an easily storable, discreet, handheld device providing max pleasure.

Not to mention, they’ve practically broken the men’s toy stigma because of their immense popularity! Additionally, since it’s an innovative product, we partnered up and discussed Fleshlight in-depth here.


  • Comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Girls can use it on men for a fun time
  • Models available resembling pornstars


  • Doesn’t stay warm long after heating
  • Not as good as real sex, but still decent

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2. Blewit!

Blewit! is a pleasure training toy for men, originally beginning as a successful crowdfund on Indiegogo.


Their motto is that male masturbation shouldn’t be rushed. – Instead, savoring every moment as if you were having real sex! That’s why it’s built to simulate intercourse while training your body to take its sweet time.


  • Discreet (Can be left out in plain sight)
  • Inexpensive compared to similar toys
  • Great for edging or increasing stamina


  • Not the best for climaxing in a hurry
  • Needs imagination while masturbating

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3. OhMiBod

OhMiBod has several sex toys for women, which have innovated the live cam industry.


Its interactive technology lets partners control vibrations remotely. – While this might sound like any other adult product, it actually has tons of unique and pleasant advantages.

Many sex cam sites, including our own, create tags and categories for OhMiBod. That way, users can easily link up their devices so when broadcasters receive tips, the toy buzzes.

In fact, with enough intense vibrations, viewers essentially give performers real orgasms!


  1. Completely handsfree and stays in well
  2. Makes cam shows even more intimate
  3. Great for couples having sexy time


  1. Not for stimulating straight males
  2. Usually need tips to activate buzzing

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KIIRO is an interactive toy for two that’s great if you want to have sensual fun with remote partners.


Their concept is simple: Guys use the ‘Onyx’ and girls enjoy the ‘Pearl’.

When movement occurs, they send signals to each other that accurately simulates sex together!

Furthermore, it’s so amazing for remote interaction, we setup default categories for KIIRO on WhoaGirls. Simply choose tagged models, link your devices and start your sensual experience!


  • Perfect for long distance couples
  • Very intimate compared to other toys
  • Makes cam shows feel much better


  • Not many performers have one
  • Male & female toys bought separately

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5. TENGA 3D Series

Tenga’s 3D Series has several unique sex sleeves for men’s solo-masturbation.

TENGA 3D Series

Each ‘Tenga’ provides pleasure in slightly different ways.Depending on the design you’re using.

So anyone interested in products with max stimulation for inexpensive prices, these sleeves are a good choice!


  • Feels pretty realistic to intercourse
  • Fully reusable with quick, easy cleaning
  • Provides an array of sexual stimulation


  • Transparent case isn’t as discreet
  • Not neccesarily great for partners

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