Announcing Partnership with Fleshlight Toys

It definitely seems like straight dudes draw the short straw with sex toys.

Announcing Partnership with Fleshlight Toys

There are elaborate devices for women and gay people.Yet a lack of products for hetero guys!

But sex toys for men do exist, which is why we’ve partnered with Fleshlight. – We’re introducing a variety of custom masturbators and accessories immediately available through WhoaGirls.

Types of Fleshlights

Fleshlight is a discreet toy that’s been around forever, simulating sex in the form of oral, anal or classic intercouse.


There are several different versions. – Each with different purposes.

  • “Fleshlight Go”

    This product is built to be smaller and more discreet for traveling.

  • “Fleshlight Ice”

    Created transparently so you can see every bit of detail that’s happening.

  • “Fleshlight Vibro”

    This toy has a vibrator to stimulate in new, amazing ways.

  • “Stamina Training”

    Built to increase endurance & stamina in the bedroom.

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Toy Customization

Choose different styles of sleeves, depending on the type of intercourse you want to have.

Pink Sleeves

‘Pink Lady’ sleeves are in the image above. – Each simulating amazing traditional, oral or anal sex!

Fleshlight Girls

At last, the Fleshlight Girls are our final topic.

Fleshlight Girls

Custom versions for famous adult stars are now available. – Additionally, this also includes exclusive shapes for several popular cam models who live stream on our adult video chat platform.

See all the Featured Camstars below.

Get a personalized adult toy now, and when you do, try it out while sex chatting with the model live!

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