Private Cam Show Story (Model Spotlight)

This evening I turned on my webcam and went live like it was any other day.

Private Cam Show Story (Model Spotlight)

Everything was going at its normal pace:

  • New people popping into my chat room
  • And talking with all the regulars

Then about an hour into our stream… “He” came into my chat.

Obviously, I’m not revealing any identities, but it’s someone who I’ve done a private show for about 2 months ago. We talked for hours, and it seemed like love at first sight.

He spoiled me the entire time, sending tip after tip during the cam session.

The Disappearance

Shortly after that night, the man disappeared and hasn’t come into our chat room again.

I don’t know what happened… Did he have a good time?

Online Sex Show

We never discussed what he does for a living, but work-related business is understandable. Something important must’ve come up because of how much he spoiled me.

But that’s when it happened. – During an online sex show this evening, he joined the chat room!

I immediately recognized who it was and said, “Hi” while blushing. After some small talk, the man promised we’d have another private session.

Needless to say, I’m super excited and looking forward to it.

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