Introducing an Easier Way to Signup

Most adult video chat sites have a long, annoying sign-up process. That’s why we’ve introduced a way that takes seconds. And as a gift, we give users 120 Free Credits! First off, registration isn’t required since everyone can join sex chat rooms then talk as a guest. But creating a WhoaGirls account lets you pick out a unique nickname and much more.

3 Good Sites for Watching HD Sex Videos

There are a lot of different websites to watch sex videos online. In fact, so many options exist that you're able to split them up into clear categories. For instance, you'll find tubes, premium sites, and adult blogs. So we made a definitive list of 3 Sites to Watch HD Sex Videos without lagging…

Announcing Partnership with Fleshlight Toys

It definitely seems like straight dudes draw the short straw with adult toys. There are elaborate vibrators for women and gay people. Yet, a lack of products for hetero guys! But amazing sex toys for men do exist, which is why WhoaGirls has partnered with Fleshlight. Today, we're introducing a variety of custom masturbators and accessories available now.

12 Best Cam Girls – (Popular On Our Site)

Our adult video chat platform has a lot of hot cam girls, but most members gravitate toward the best ones. There are reasons for this attention, and it boils down to more than these women's stunning beauty. Top WhoaGirls models have many hours of weekly activity, along with tempting personalities…

Attractive Personalities (Model Spotlight)

A frequent conversation topic I'm asked during live shows is: “What kind of man do you like?” Which is a tough question! Let’s break it down by listing off the types of guys who seem to impress me. And you might be surprised at the variety since there are 5 different personalities.

Life Outside of Streaming (Model Spotlight)

Recently, I’ve been doing online sex shows as if it’s a full-time job. At minimum, we’re talking at least 40+ hours a week. But my sex chat room has started to build up an impressive fanbase. Not to mention, the generous tips people send manage to provide income like a career. Of course, I'm super thankful for that too!

What’s a Cam Girl’s “Perfect Man” Like? (Model Spotlight)

Let’s talk about what the ‘Perfect Man’ truly might look like. Well, that’s easy: ‘Tall, dark, and handsome!’ (Pretty much what most girls want.) On the other hand, webcam models aren’t as shallow. Since my ‘Prince Charming’ has more qualities in addition to looks.

Sexy Performer Update (Model Spotlight)

Lately, I’ve gotten on WhoaGirls to check for new direct messages in my inbox. So far, I’m beginning to enjoy mingling throughout this adult community. Somehow, it always ends with a video sex chat session. On another note, a viewer I was talking to mentioned my profile is pretty dull.

Overcome Cam Girl Fears (Model Spotlight)

Recently, I've had an urge to start my own sex video chat room. But like tons of cam girls, I’m nervous because it’s so intimidating! Talking over private messages has less pressure since the way you look doesn’t matter. To be honest, there are many good reasons to avoid live streaming.

Private Cam Show Story (Model Spotlight)

So tonight I turned on my webcam and went live like any other day. Everything was going at its normal pace: New people popping in to say hello, and talking with all of the regulars. Then about an hour into our stream… “He” came into my chat room. Obviously, I’m not revealing any identities, but it’s someone who I did a private sex show for previously.